On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, SBE Chapter 85 sponsored the first Ennes Workshop held in Oklahoma City.

A grand time was had by all.
Please click here for pictures!

We had 13 awesome vendors.
There were 40 Attendants.
There were 8 Instructors and we learned and invested in our careers.

Our Special "Thanks" to both John Poray (National Executive Director of SBE, who was indispensable) and to Chriss Scherer (National SBE Immediate Past President) for organizing this event.
Many Special "Thank Yous" to Patrick Roberts of SBE Chapter 85, for all his help in setting up the vendor's area and making needed equipment available. To Chuck DePaepe and Britt Lockhart (both SBE Chapter 85 officers) for providing needed equipment available to our speakers. And to Leonard Youngblood for organizing the event.