Chris Novy, Assistant Chief Engineer, KOKH/KOCB TV Oklahoma City Gains New Certification

Please join me in congratulating Chris Novy for receiving his 8-VSB SBE certification. Chris spent many hours preparing for the exam and believes the knowledge he has gained in the process was worth the effort.  In addition to the newly acquired 8-VSB, Chris possesses both a CBTE and CBNT certifications earned while a member of SBE chapters 49 and 33 in Illinois and Ohio.


Chris also holds a Masters degree in law enforcement from Southern Illinois University and an amateur radio Extra class (with code!) license (WA9V).

Chris began his broadcast career as a Videographer/Reporter but later switched to Engineering/Operations.  He has worked in Illinois, Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma.   In a volunteer capacity, Chris has also been actively involved with local Emergency Management for more than 25 years serving as a storm spotter, training officer, and volunteer fire fighter.  Each spring Chris travels around the Midwest teaching an advanced storm spotter class which he created.

SBE Chapter 85 is a major supporter of SBE certification.  Our Chapter has a fund called the Chester Grubbs Memorial Fund that rewards those that certify.  The Chapter reimburses 50% of the test back to any SBE 85 member that passes their certification exam. Chris will be presented with 25 dollar check at the September Chapter meeting.

Chris Novy (L) Britt Lockhart (R)

Chris Novy being presented with the Chester Grubbs Memorial Fund reimbursement check from SBE Chapter 85 Certification Director, Britt Lockhart